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Teaching at Sacred Heart Catholic School

Our Story

After 20 years building in tech, it was time to build for tech

We’ve been in tech for decades. We were there at the start of the internet, signing on to BBS systems, coding since the days of BASIC. We’ve been immersed in tech our whole lives. But it all came from self-taught drive. Sadly the education system just wasn’t there to support tech-loving students back in the day. Since then tech has become one of the biggest driving force in society, not just the underpinnings, but the way we connect, the way we shop, the way we entertain ourselves.

Finally education is trying to catch up. We’ve known all along how important tech could be. We saw the limitless potential and that’s what drove us to learn. We’ve advocated for better educational support since we were in elementary. Now decades later, its finally happening. Unfortunately the system is having a hard time playing catch-up. After decades of working with tech, we decided it was time to take what we’ve learned and achieved and turn our attention to building up the next generation.

We’ve volunteered and worked with many of Canada’s major coding education non-profits. Contributing what we could, while also learning their methods, philosophy, capabilities, and what governments were willing to do. We saw the shortcomings, the missed opportunities, the untapped potential. We decided to do something about it. Tapping into our entrepreneurial background once more, it was time to build a better solution to coding education.

Massive Learning

We started Massive Learning to do something more. Seek out those opportunities we saw going untapped, avoid the limitations that government grants were creating, unleash our full expertise of decades of industry experience, and deliver a new and better way to do coding education.

We’ve brought together friends and colleagues all dedicated tech experts and passionate about education, to bring this new solution to life. Together we bring an incredible pool of knowledge and capability, decades of industry experience from start-up entrepreneurship to working with worldwide recognized brands and tech giants, as well as instruction and education from elementary to post-secondary and professional career mentorships.

Attending the Saskatchewan Speech From The Throne in 2017 where coding integration with the curriculum was announced, pictured here as part of the SaskTech contingent meeting with the then Minister of Education Bronwyn Eyre

Kai Hutchence


Terry Hoganson

VP Learning Services
Art Director

Nyk Reed