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We offer a number of workshops in addition to our coding education partnerships. While our focus is on our coding education partnerships to provide longterm substantive changes, these workshops provide some important and useful one-shots of information. We book our workshops separately, some are one part, some are short series. Contact us (see below) to work out a booking.

Coding Education Partnerships

Responsible Gaming

Duration: One-part 1.5 hour workshop
Audience: Grades 6-12 (Ages 11-18)
This workshop focuses on healthy practices for gamers, as professional game developers we can deliver a more authentic message to students. We get away from just the nagging, we explain some of the dark sides of the industry to try make students more informed consumers. We also highlight positive skill-building alternatives or spin-offs to turn obsessions into passionate drives for personal development.

Meet a Game Developer

Duration: One-part 1 hour workshop
Audience: Grade 4-12 (Ages 9-18)
This workshop is more an experience than a participatory course. We give a bit of an explanation of the process in making a video game, some of the careers in game development and some of the key skills. Students get a question-and-answer session with an industry professional to get insights and answers about what is a common dream job, and some potential career advice about it.

The How & Why of Retrogaming

Duration: One-part 2 hour workshop
Audience: Grade 9+ (age 15 and up)
In this workshop we explain the history of videogames, looking at not just the old games, but the technical limitations of early computing that caused the esthetics of early games. We look at the development of technology and how it improved over the “generations” of consoles and eras of gaming. We also look at the psychological factors that keep us hooked on retrogaming despite our technology moving past the old limitations.

Problem Video Gaming & eSports

Duration: Two-part x 1 hour workshops
Audience: Educators, Career Counselors & Health Counselors

This series is developed for professional development of school district personnel. We inform educators about the industry/hobby, helping them understand the different forms of gaming, the habits and behaviours and the positives and negatives of gaming. This can be useful information to help educators understand and more authentically engage with students on the subject.

Non-Profit Board Management

Duration: Five part x 2.5 hour workshops
Audience: Adult Learners, New/Future Board Members

In this five-part series we cover the basics of non-profit management to help prepare board members for their duties and responsibilities. Each of the five workshops covers a different area; Legal, Financial, Strategy, Employees & Operations. This is a great introductory course for those interested or involved in board management.

To book a workshop, drop us a line and we’ll figure out how to make it happen!