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About Us

Learn more about why we offer
the best in coding education

Coding Education Partnerships

How to get Massive Learning empowering your students and educators

The Teacher’s Guide To
Scratch Book Series

The best book series ever made to get teachers confident and capable in coding education

Why Coding?

Our philosophy to engage students with transformative technologies

Educational Experts

We aren’t just theorists, we’ve been in classrooms across the country. We’ve already taught thousands of students and educators from kindergarten to post-secondary and adult learners. We can make anyone a coder.


We’re recognized leaders in tech. Check out some of our appearances in the media.


We also offer one-shot workshops to help inform, train and engage. Check out what we have to offer.

“We have to transform education for the 21st century. Rote memory isn’t going to cut it. We need to connect students and experts if we’re going to demystify these transformative tools.”

Kai Hutchence, CEO

Let’s work together to transform education for the 21st Century

Learn about our Coding Education Partnerships and
get a team of tech experts empowering students and educators
in your school district.