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Coding Education Partnerships

Massive Learning’s Coding Education Partnerships are a one-stop solution to implementing coding education in your school district.

Massive Learning is an organization built from digital professionals & coding educators that will build support for your district’s coding education and provide in-class virtual workshops to guide teachers and students through coding workshops to meet and exceed the curriculum.

We provide a diverse slate of coding workshops in your district across multiple grades & subjects delivered daily. Every workshop delivered by a digital professional to allow inspirational motivation and direct industry connection. No minimum wage temporary employees just reading a script.

While industry experienced and connected, Massive Learning has also taught across Canada. We have instructors that have taught at dozens of post secondary institutes in education, tech and art classes.

Partner with Massive Learning to solve your school districts coding education problems. Quit struggling with gimmicky toys and one-shot workshops, get a partnership that works with you every day to transform education.

A Massive Learning Coding Education Partnership works with your district, we don’t disappear when the workshop is over. We work to solve your problems. We work with your teachers and librarians. We remove the stress and uncertainty. We inspire kids. We end the hassles. We stop teachers feeling lost or unsupported. We are the better solution to coding education. Real live professionals working with you, year round.

Connect students with digital professionals and entrepreneurs to inspire as well as educate them. We have multiple 10+ year veteran developers including some with experience at Microsoft and Sony as well as video game entrepreneurs with up to 4+ million downloads.

No one offers more skilled experts
to deliver the best experiences possible.

Get professional programmers and designers working with your students to unleash their potential. We deliver virtual in-class workshops, professional development for teachers, coding education help lines, communities of practice, personal learning networks and more. Contact us and find out how we can bring coding to life in your school by booking your free consultation.

We’ve already taught thousands of students and educators. Get us working for you. Contact us today and book your free consultation!

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